What Makes Skin Sag and What You Can Do About it

There’s no way to avoid it, as we get older, our skin loses the youthful glow it used to have. We lose moisture, elasticity, and we begin to develop fine lines and wrinkles. This happens naturally as we age.

At Family Healthcare of Atlanta, in Atlanta, Georgia, Mark Tanner, MD, and his staff are here to cover all of your healthcare needs. We also offer many cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery services, including noninvasive skin-tightening treatments with the TempSure® Envi system. 

Why your skin sags

As we age, our skin slowly stops producing and starts losing collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep it tight, hydrated, and youthful. Loss of collagen can age your facial skin and make it harder for your skin to retract again after you lose weight. This is why, as you age, it’s harder to exercise away the loose skin that remains after weight loss. 

Your skin also becomes damaged over time because of harmful exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. These rays can damage your skin cells and impair your skin’s elasticity and structural integrity. 

Your skin also sags because of good old fashioned gravity. As time goes on, gravity pulls harder and harder on our skin causing it to sag downward, especially on your face. 

Tighten your skin with TempSure Envi

At our office, we trust the TempSure Envi system to deliver the best skin tightening results for our patients. The treatment is convenient and noninvasive. And, it’s great for most skin types and a range of skin tones, so most of our patients find they’re candidates.

The system uses a handheld device to deliver targeted radiofrequency waves to either your face or any areas on your body. The treatment is great for tightening up wrinkles and restoring youth to your face. And, it’s also great for tightening up the skin on your body too, like the loose, sagging skin that’s caused by weight loss.   

These waves are powerful but safe, and they work by heating up your skin and amping up your body’s natural collagen production. The treatment is effective enough to tighten skin without causing any potential damage to your skin and tissues.

And the treatment can help to tighten up your vaginal tissues as well, which improves their circulation and your gynecological health. 

To learn more about skin tightening treatments, contact our Atlanta, Georgia, office at 404-355-2000 or schedule an appointment online.

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